China is here to Stay in Indian Ocean, And is a Cause of Concern- Indian Navy Chief


Indian Navy Chief has said that China is here to stay in the Indian Ocean and the movement of military of China in region is a reason for concern. He went to say that navy is keeping a close eye on “the pattern and periodicity of extra-regional deployments” in the Indian ocean region.

India’s fleet of 50 combat warships is carrying out surveillance round the clock in the Indian ocean. A few days back, Indian navy tracked Chinese warship in Indian ocean region and did some funny tweets to warn the Chinese.

“Over the last decade, China has developed the capacity to operate its warships at a great distance from its shores and for long periods of time”, Lanba said in an interview. Last week, the Trump administration accused China of directing powerful lasers towards the american aircraft flying over Djibouti Chinese military air base.

Navy chief had already spoke on length before as to how much caution India will keep of Chinese navy. Countries Like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives are under huge debts of China and have already started giving a big chunk of their land in return. All the three countries are strategically very important because of their location and close proximity to India.

Earlier this year, navy chief said that PLA Navy have six to seven warships deployed in the region and they also send two conventional submarines in the area every year. Indian navy is monitoring every moment in the Indian Ocean region.

Navy Chief also said that China is systematically increasing its presence and investment in the region.