China Is Now Helping Pakistan To Build Hundreds Of Bunkers On Indian Border


For few days, the presence of Chinese soldiers have been increased in the Pak state. Beijing is helping Islamabad to build up its military infrastructure along along the border of India, Rajasthan. Chinese helped Pakistan to build infrastructure include upgrading its forward airbase, bunkers more than 350 in number, road network and border outposts.

Media agency Zee Media has visualized the infrastructure built by Chinese in Pakistan and it quoted that at least 350 stone bunkers have already been built on the sly. The construction sites have been camouflaged to reduce their visibility. The construction activity has also not been formally conveyed to the Indian side by the Pakistani security forces at their regular flag meetings.


The the road network expansion along the bunkers and canals in the border areas, underlines the distraction of Pakistan to prevent the traditional weapons of crushing the hands of the Indian Army.

For the past few months, Chinese troops’ presence has been increased in the Pakistan’s Khairpur air Force Base. The troops are conduction upgrade and expansion works there. The expansion work has been carried out to combine with three other airstrips that are quite close to the border of India.


However, according to Pak state, the updation in airstrips are for making the state easier to transport the oil, natural gas and other mineral resources by the China. In the system provided, through Karachi, resources are inconvenient to transport by shipping due to the crowd and distance.

On the other hand, Khairpur Airbase is only 25 km from the border with India. An example of China’s infrastructure towards Pakistan in this area estimates that Chinese companies have discovered significant oil deposits on the border in Sindh province.

As Chinese troops’s presence have been increasing, the state as justification for the growing presence of Chinese security personnel on Pakistani soil is centered around the dangers of the Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPC) and Chinese citizens working on projects. Also Chinese workers have been attacked at many times.