China is Planning to Track Indian Navy Movements from Sri Lanka, Wants to Develop Radar Station


China claims that they are stepping up the academic work on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, but on the other side India sees it as a threat. As per the statement by China, it is just a work done for oceanographic studies and has suggested to Sri Lanka that it steps up a radar station at Ruhuna University.

However, to support the project of China, Sri Lankan government has been involved in the project. All the information that has been received is as per the high-level sources that claim it is a High-Frequency Short Wave radar station with a range of 180 km towards the Indian Ocean and a coverage of 120 degrees, but the official information of the specific details of the proposed radar station is not yet confirmed.

According to the Times Now, the Chinese say, “the radar station would be used for oceanographic studies. China has apparently told the Sri Lankans that “ship tracking” abilities could happen later. This has given rise to the belief in India that the Sri Lankan navy has been deliberately kept out of the loop.”


The initiator of the project has claimed that the following project is funded by them and called it as the scientific venture between the Sri Lankan Ruhuna University and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology. If the following proposal were simply called for a military project, many countries including India would be opposed to it.

Meanwhile, the surveys of Oceanographic will only be used to collect hydrological and bathymetric data valuable for submarine deployments and operations and undersea combat.

As per the intelligence report says: “It is assessed that the oceanographic surveys being undertaken by the Chinese ships for collecting vital hydrological and bathymetric data, which would be valuable for submarine deployments and operations and undersea combat.”


It is further suggested by the intelligence reports that there is another serious concern about the other project is here in which China is keen to bid for the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Sri Lanka and offer funding and technical support. And, the Indian government was originally thinking a project be commissioned to undertake the project with good economic terms and letter of credit.

Admiral Sunil Lanba, the chairman and chief of staff has recommended that Indian government is funding for the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Sri Lanka. Back in October 2017, it is also suggested that the government of India pay for the proposal.