China Is Secretly Preparing To Deploy Nuclear Submarines At Gwadar Port


China and Pakistan have been associated with one more reason which is Gwadar Port that is the port of business as considered by Pakistan. China has started working on construction which will be needed to station nuclear submarines at the Gwadar Port in Pakistan’s southwestern part.¬†It clarifies the possibility of India’s long-standing stress indicating that the true aim of China’s participation in Gwadar is more strategic than business.

Gwadar port

For China, the Gwadar Port will be a direct strategic access to the Indian Ocean Region and this is the reason why China has been financing the infrastructure at the Gwadar Port. By financing and building Gwadar Port, China will have direct access to IOR which China has always craved for. Moreover, the stationing of the submarine fleet will allow China to keep close eyes on the operations of the Indian Navy.

The nuclear submarine doesn’t necessarily carry nuclear weapons, they are being called so just because they are powered by a nuclear reactor onboard. Nuclear submarines can stay in the sea for a long time because they do not need to return to land for fuel. It has been learned that a high-level delegation of Chinese officials recently went to Islamabad and in order to accelerate the base projects of nuclear submarines met with important figures of the Pakistan Navy.

China’s Shoddy, Noisy Nuclear Submarines

With the new infrastructure, China is planning to have three submarine bases operationalized in Pakistan on the southern coast. Also, Beijing had recently rejected speculation that it was establishing a port in Jiwani Port near the Iranian border. This Port was specifically for Chinese warships, Gwadar was portrayed as a business center.

Pakistan Navy is building a VLF(Very Low Frequency) station for strategic submarine communication. VLFs stations enable simultaneous communication with deep sea-operated submarines. Submarine communication is unilateral of most of the time because a submarine which does not transmit is very difficult to detect.

Gwadar Port

The work on the port has already started on the foundation for a 205-foot antenna tower underground the power station and VLF building. Simultaneously, China and Pakistan Navy have also begun working to activate Forward Operating Bases which enables to repair, maintenance and other logistics work to be carried out on both the Pakistani and Chinese Navy.

Indian military intelligence agencies have already told examples of Chinese submarines hanging near the Indian coast. Also, China operationalized a military base in Djibouti which is on the coast of African mainland lately. It will be the entry to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait to the Red Sea.

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