China is Speculated to Involve in Massive Land Grabbing in Maldives


The Pentagon said on Saturday that massive land grabbing of China in Maldives is of a big concern to them. They said that US was “committed to a free and open” rules based order, and anything else might cause them concern.

The top pentagon official said, “It’s in India’s backyard. We know it’s of concern to India. So, yes, (the situation in Maldives) is a concern. We will see how it plays out. It emphasizes some of our priorities identified in our National Defence Strategy”.

Maldives opposition leader raised questions on Chinese activities on the outskirts of Maldives. China which has already grabbed Sri Lanka’s┬áHambantota port and the Gwadar Port in Pakistan, it fairly possible that China might do the same in Maldives.

“We believe the interests of all states- large and small- are best served by maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific and a rules-based order. Some of China’s activities that we’ve observed give us concern because they do not seem to be consistent with those interests. I suspect India shares these concerns as well,” said Joe Felter, speaking to PTI as reported by Business Standard.

It is clear that even some foreign minister of Maldives aren’t happy with China’s meddling in Maldives issue but an unstable Maldives would mean problem for India and I bet Indian govt. is watching Maldives closely.