China Laughed on Pakistan When It Demanded a Bullet Train, This Gentleman Answers Why…

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When Pakistan asked for a bullet train from China, the chinese officials laughed on them. The report which came in the Pakistani daily, Dawn read “Pakistan cannot afford bullet trains”.

What was published in the Dawn

There must be some reason why Chinese don’t find Pakistan to invest more money on it apart from CPEC. Well, there are many reasons for that. Starting from what books pakistani kids read and how are they manipulated. How science is replaced by God, imagine all world being created by god, yes for philosophy, it sounds good that world is created by a supreme power but scientists have been researching on how this world came in existence.

A gentleman posted on quora what actually Pakistani books teach their kids, let us see.

  1. This is what Pakistani books teach to its youth. They manipulate history like this-

When the world is trying to do everything to understand the origin of universe, investing billions of dollars on projects like Large Hadron collider, you people have taken things granted from a 1425 year old book. If this is what your physicist believe in I wouldn’t want to work them.

2. Because they manipulate History like this-

The hatred is filled in the minds of class 5 students, and ask them to become militants. I will never work with someone, who has been told and made to believe that I am his enemy.

3.  They don’t respect the man who deserve get the respect.

Mr Abdus Salam was awarded a nobel prize in physics during the year 1979, you rejected and insulted him because he was ahmadiyya muslim, so you took away the motivation from your people who wanted to contribute to the science world.

4. And when the world is listening to them –

Michio Kaku

and him-

Elon Musk

Pakistani listen to them-

Well, what to say?

and who can forget him?

The man who writes book on Jihad and a terrorist himself, Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Azhar Masood

I hope this will suffice, and one more thing, If you want the world to respect you, show them you deserve to be respected. Earn it, Don’t beg for it.

For reading more on what all pakistani kids are being taught, you can head for Scroll.

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