China Presents A New Highly Technical Combat Drones In Dubai Airshow


China is every day stepping a way ahead in the strengthening of its power. Now, the new generation of fighter drones made by China made its international debut in Dubai Airshow. The Aviation Industry Corporation China (AVIC) splurges that the drone which is also termed as Chinese-Aerial-Photography vehicles are made not only to capture the pictures and videos of the grounded things but also specially designed to attack and destroy the suspected things.

The name of the combat drone is Yunying Stealth Drone and it is being presented as the top of AVIC’s research and development capabilities to tap the buoyant demand for attack drones.


Features Of Yunying:

Yunying is 9 metres long and its wingspan is 17 metres broad. The take-off weight of the combat drone is speculated to be 3 tons. At the time of showcasing the drones in Dubai Airshow, Yunying appeared larger than the size of a combat drone and it can be compared to a helicopter.

Specialities Of Yunying:

It is made with a powerful turbo engine that makes it quick to reach beyond any surface to air missile’s target. It is also developed to attack against targets on land or inside the sea from a high altitude. This technical information about the combat drone is shared by AVIC’s technician to Global Times.


Types Of Yunying:

1. Yunying 1: It is laced with a high-resolution camera of long range and a radar of synthetic aperture. It can scan and take pictures of anything under 10,000 sq. km. by reaching up to the altitude of 13 km.

2. Yunying 2: Both Yunying 1 and Yunying 2 aim to make a visible change in flight trajectory. The type 2 of combat Yunying drone is capable to pinpoint all the surface radar within the radius range of 400 km and communication devices within the radius of 200 km.

3. Yunying 3: It’s a¬†high dynamic target drone, is an ace of the product line packed with all features of the above reconnaissance model, as well as increased air attack systems which can destroy the target of 50 km away, according to AVIC.


Chinese Media Reports:

Yunying 3 is capable to carry a maximum of six missiles on its wings which has few pros and cons too. It can quickly detect the target but take time to attack the target. AVIC’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group is credited with manufactured this highly technical combat drones. Not only that, already overseas clients are showing interest in Yunying, as per the report of Global Times.

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