China to unveil CH-7 new-generation stealth unmanned combat aircraft


China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has taken the opportunity at the AirShow China 2018 exhibition to unveil a new-generation stealth unmanned combat aircraft.

CASC is planning to unveil its new CH-7 fighter-sized stealth unmanned combat aircraft during the AirShow China 2018 exhibition, which is set to take place in Zhuhai from 6–11 November.

According to CASC’s officials, the new CH-7 is a stealth unmanned reconnaissance aircraft but some experts said that this is a new Chinese unmanned combat air system a similar to Northrop Grumman X-47B. It aircraft is designed for stealth or low observable relevant requirements.

The first prototype will have a 20 m wingspan and a cruising altitude of less than 10000 – 13000 m.

CH-7 will can to conduct last reconnaissance, guard detection, air defense operation, and operation support. It can also launch a strike or guide other weapons to hit on targets of high value.

This article is written by DYLAN MALYASOV (Founder Defence-Blog)