China set to turn against US’s proposal to get Masood Azhar, terrorist and JeM Chief


India and china haven’t seen some friendly relations since the arrival of Modi government and the change in the Indian policies towards china. China earlier used to bully most of the small nations of Asia and India did nothing and remained a mere spectator in this game. But things have changed now; India is standing up against china as a tough rival and an alternative for the Asian states looking for a big brother to protect them. The recent Doklam standoff is enough to prove that Chinese days of unilateral and arbitrary actions are over and they would have to face India before trying to further expand their power.

To come back to India china is making new plans and is taking advantage of its powers at UN. China would not stop at anything to belittle New Delhi even if that means breaking morality and closing its eyes towards humanity. China is likely to officially block and thereby terminate a US backed proposal to get Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar designated a global terrorist by the UN. China’s position on Azhar is all the more frustrating for India since, after the Doklam disengagement, Beijing has been talking about how it was time for the two countries to start a new chapter but now it has changed its colours.

The proposal, which had the backing of UK and France too, was introduced by the US in January this year and, days later, put on a technical hold by China which, as a permanent UNSC member, wields veto power.

The technical hold was extended by Beijing for another 3 months in August and is set to expire this week on Thursday. Since it can’t be extended any further, as top intelligence sources closely watching the development said, China is moving to introduce a “full fledged block” to dispose off the US proposal.

This would surely create a fresh turmoil between India and china. The blocking of such proposal and saving a terrorist will also affect the Chinese image worldwide which is not in a very good state right now. The Chinese have made it very clear that they would break any boundary to save Pakistan, one of its soon to be satellite state. The question is will this move help china to further gain popularity in the Pakistani masses? It surely will, but at the cost of disgrace from the world community at large.

Good luck China and Thank You from the millions of people who have lost their loved once to the evil named TERRORISM. This move would certainly bring you their blessings.

祝你好运  (Chinese symbol for good luck)

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