China Unveiled The New Pictures Of Hypersonic Military Attack Aircraft Design 


The look of a top-secret JF-12 hypersonic wind tunnel has been revealed by the Chinese CCMF channel, in this video prospective – and presumably military – hypersonic aircraft are being seen tested. As we know Aerodynamic tunnels are used to test the fields of engines. And, now China has demonstrated their own version in a small and compact based new plane designs in wind tunnels have been out.

JF-12 cost $7 million to construct and it is the dubbed version of ‘Hyper Dragon.’ Well, it is said that this new technology is able to wind speeds up to 10 times the speed of sound, or about 7,680 mph.

US National Air and Space Intelligence Center released a report according to that, “The combination of high speed, maneuverability, and relatively low altitude makes them challenging targets for missile defense systems.” 

Another study read,  “These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities” 

In the pictures you can see, different shapes of hypersonic vehicles like a triangular-shaped glider. And, this is the very first time when China revealed the images of hypersonic planes.

One cutting-edge hypersonic aircraft is a sharpened stone molded lightweight plane which spectators accept to be a model of the DF-ZF, beforehand known as WU-14.

China military and tech commentators consider the machine to be fit for achieving 10 times the speed of sound, in what might be a genuine test to current air and rocket guard frameworks.

DeathRattleSports reported, “a scientist in the video — Jiang Zonglin — never mentions the potential military application of the Hyper Dragon. Instead, Jiang explains that China is developing a commercial aircraft that could connect Beijing to New York in just two hours, seven times faster than today’s air travel.”

Further, Jiang added about the test as the F-12 tunnel accompanies the following tests every two days and every individual test lasts only one-tenth of a second.

As per the Air Force General John Hyten, commander of the Strategic Command,”Hypersonic technology is concerning to me, but it’s really no more concerning to me than any cruise missile technology, any ballistic missile technology.”

Concluding this Hyten added, “We have to be prepared to defend ourselves against all those threats. And we have to have a deterrent that is ready to respond in case any of those break out.”

Meanwhile, it is noted that US officials are not concerned about the coming hurdles.