China wants to make Largest Aircraft Carrier, Starts work on Nuclear-powered Carrier

PLAN's Laioning spotted during sea trials. Credits to Owners

Chinese Navy is showing no signs of slowing down. If news reports are to be believed, of foreign and Chinese news agencies, China has already started working on its Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier.

The Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post said recently that the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp.(CSIC)  issued a statement this week saying initial work had begun on the ship, without citing the ‘nuclear’ term. However it is almost certain by foreign defence analysts that their newest addition to PLAAN could be a massive Nuclear Carrier. These Nuclear carriers could spend years in sea without the need for refuelling.

China (PRC) Xi Jinping during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin held as part of the summit of heads of state and government of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on the Indonesian island of Bali. Photo Credit: Ria Novosti/Camera Press/Redux

The Chinese government headed by Xi JinPIng, pledged recently to make the PLA, the most advanced military in a few decades or so. With the last Chinese PB giving more powers to XI, it is highly likely that the Chinese government will keep the word. If the carrier is going nuclear, the possibility of a EMALS (Electro Magnetic Launch System) cannot be ruled out.

Aerial view of a CSIC ship building port. Credits to Owner

The state owned CSIC is the prime manufacturer for PLAN’s maritime vessel needs revealed a list of technical developments the company hopes to achieve as part of weaponry upgrades for the Chinese navy by 2025 as per Global Times.

The listing was however left out from the company’s website feed. CSIC officials were quoted saying that new technologies like nuclear powered submarines, carriers, unmanned under water systems are the need of the hour for PLAN to achieve the ‘Blue Water’ navy status.

PLAN’s Laioning spotted during sea trials. Credits to Owners

CSIC has earlier gained attention when it completely refurbished a Soviet-Era carrier and provided the PLAN with its first carrier-Liaoning. Liaoning is the test carrier for navy personnel to train and understand carrier borne operations. CSIC has already acknowledged the construction of two more carriers and details are kept under tight cover.

The projects would be a huge boost for the PLAN and a huge headache for USA and also India, with Chinese ships popping up in sensitive waters.

A major state run newspaper said on Friday that China is ready to build larger aircraft carriers just ahead of release of country’s annual budget meet.

Liu Zheng, chairman of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry in Liaoning Province, said his company and its parent, China Shipbuilding Industry Corp., the world’s largest shipbuilder, could design and build carriers as quoted by Japan News.

China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier, the 50,000-tonne Shandong

“We have complete ownership of the expertise, in terms of design, technology, technique, manufacturing and project management, that is needed to make an advanced carrier,” Liu told the official China Daily.

“We are ready to build larger ones,” he said.

China Shipbuilding said earlier this week they were developing technologies to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

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