Why is China Worried About India?


China has been an all rounder ever since time. Talking about India, we lag behind China in a lot of cases. Count in fields like technology and manufacturing, China is a bomb. Not just this but India’s major ties with the US is a big concern for China too. China with time has realized that India has great potential and if the potential is tapped excellently, India will be a big threat to China.

For all these years, China has underestimated India for being a superpower but President Xi Jinping does not think so. He realized waking up from his dream that the United States is no longer a threat as big as China’s neighbouring country, India. He found that the long estimated competitor America is far beyond their reach and their real competitor is their neighbour India. But why?

1.) India is a neck to neck competition and is giving big answers to China.

2.) India took a bold step by boycotting their One Road One Belt scheme.

3.) India showed its rejection to Chinese CPEC.

4.) India is launching its own project with Japan to connect India with African countries which is a pretty liberal decision.

5.) While China is trying to encircle India by investing in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. India is doing the same by exploring business opportunities with Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Afghanistan and even the South China Sea.

6.) India has provided a lot of benefits to its neighbouring countries by the satellite launch. Not just these couple of reasons but there are a lot of other ones too that can make India the envy of China.

Let’s not forget History! It speaks a lot.

Modi and Obama

Foreign Investment-

We know how India is pushing itself ahead for better foreign business opportunities. President Xi Jinping opened up to China like never before and mentioned that China is facing issues regarding foreign exchange reserves.

Modi And Putin

India in 2015 crossed China in the world FDI by $63 billion, overtaking the US ($59.6 billion) too.

Technology and Talent-

India launched 104 satellites and crossed Russian record of 37 satellites being placed in the orbit at one go. China made a big highlight of this achievement and even mentioned that there is a lot to learn from India.

Talking about Talent, India is leading China in the US too. CA Technologies, US-based software firm dissolved its 300-person research and development team in China and instead set up a team in India with over 2,000 scientific and technical professionals over the past few years.


Not just technology but China is also scared of India in terms of manufacturing industries. China was fast to post an article highlighting ‘China should pay more attention to India’s increasing manufacturing competitiveness.’

Military Ties-

LEMOA, Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement, the military pact that facilitates the provision of logistical support, supplies and services, India wasn’t slow here too. India and the U.S. signed it last year.

This wasn’t the only reason but the agreement lets the U.S. have great control. It can now not only dominate the Indian Ocean but also has an easy access to the South China Sea.

No doubt, China should be scared.

Source: Economic TimesQuora 

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