China’s Beidou Navigation System is very accurate, Where India stand against it?


China recently unveiled the capabilities of it’s Beidou Navigation System, it will provide real-time meters, decimeter, centimeter, post-processing millimetre-level high-precision positioning basic service capabilities, following things were reported on the official website of Beidou Satellite Navigation System on June 7, 2017.

China will use 14 satellites to complete the Beidou regional system construction to achieve a continuous coverage of the Asia-pacific region. The placement of 14 satellites in the orbit will increase the chances of setting up a global network by placing 18 satellites, which are scheduled to be launched by 2018.

In 2020, China will complete the 35 Beidou III satellite network, the Beidou’s navigation system will be greatly improved in the positioning timing accuracy, anti-interference, system capacity and other performance with the positioning, timing, message communication, and GPS wide area differential function.

Beidou III constellation for Global Coverage, Source -
Beidou III constellation for Global Coverage, Source –

Where India stands against Beidou

India will also get it’s own navigational system online by next year, named as NAVIC developed by ISRO. NAVIC will have seven satellites which will cover India and some of its surroundings. NAVIC will provide standard positioning service to all users with position accuracy of 5 meter to civilians and 10-20 cm for the encrypted/military purpose. The only advantage Chinese navigational system has over its Indian counterpart is the wide range of operation because of its more number of satellites. NAVIC will work with 7 satellites but Beidou will have 18 satellites.


India has centered its navigational system use for domestic use and self-reliance in navigational and positioning capabilities.

NAVIC structure and satellite placements
NAVIC structure and satellite placements

Indian system is not less than its Chinese counterpart at the regional navigational facility it just doesn’t have the global reach which it isn’t planned for the system. India’s elite space programs organization may have plans for extending the range of NAVIC at the global level.

NAVIC Coverage, Source -
NAVIC Coverage, Source –

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