China’s First Incursion After Dokalam Standoff


In late December, Chinese soldiers operating road constructing machines entered into the Indian territory by crossing up to 200 meters in Arunachal Pradesh’s border village in Upper Siang district. As per the locals in the border state, they entered up to 200 meters then only the Indian soldiers stopped them. On Tuesday, the security establishment has confirmed this news to Hindustan Times.

Indian and Chinese soldiers at the border

This is China’s latest infiltration, which came after four months after signing on the standoff on Dokalam issue with the neighboring country. Dokalam which is largely uninhabited plateau near India’s Bhutan-China triangular strategic tri-junction is rare for this time of the year as Chinese rarely enter into winter.

As per the people of the security establishment, there is no face off now but Chinese have left their road construction material on the site. The person added, “The Chinese have increased their road construction activities in the area in recent past.”

Dokalam stand off

Chinese entered up to 200 meters and Indian security forces stopped near Bising village along the Eastern bank of Siang river. Indian soldiers faced their Chinese counterparts and seized their road construction machines, including two excavators. Some locals said that they are not allowed to go ahead of the Geling Village, after Tutting city and towards the border with China.

This incursion of China took place at almost the same time when two representatives of both the nation, National Advisor Ajit Doval and Member of Politburo of Communist Party of China’s Central Committee Yang Jiechi met on December 22. The representatives of the nations discussed and stressed to resolve the border differences.

Ajit Doval

As per the Duli Kamduk, the deputy commissioner of Upper Siang: “Our officials in Tuting subdivision have not reported any Chinese incursion. There is no word from the armed forces too.”

However, Army officials denied speaking anything on this matter. “The government’s lethargy in developing roads and bridges in Arunachal Pradesh is encouraging China to occupy Indian land as they have already built a two-lane road to the border at many points,” stated by Vijay Taram who is a lawyer and green activist based in Pasighat, headquarters of the East Siang.

Ajit doval met Yang Jiechi

The Dokalam issue continued for 73 days and it ended on August 28. The lately held meeting of Doval and Yang, both stressed to resolve their differences with due respect for each other’s concern and aspirations. That dialogue marked the 20th round of talks between the Special Representatives of both the national so that the two countries could get a solution to the incompatible borderline.