Chinese Air Force Monitored IAF’s Biggest Exercise Says IAF officials


Indian Air Force did 11,000 sorties during the two phase exercise Gagan Shakti, it also involved moving of assets of Indian Air Force from western sector to eastern sector in less than two days.

The people who were involved in drills said that China closely monitored all aspects of Indian Air Force’s Gaganshakti-2018 which concluded at eastern sector on Sunday.

Sukhoi 30- MKI

“Gaganshakti-2018 was the biggest IAF exercise ever and the PLAAF kept an eye on it. It’s not unusual as we also do the same when our neighbours carry out military drills,” the official told Hindustan times.

IAF Chief BS Dhanoa said that Pakistan monitored the exercise through its airborne warning and control systems during its first phase in the western sector. Dhanoa also said that Indian Air Force was shaking the heavens and splitting the earth on the exercise.

Gaganshakti- 2018’s prime focus was on to check IAF’s stamina and readiness in case of two front war against Pakistan and China. IAF practiced many exercises from dropping special forces to working together with navy and army on different terrains.

Gagan Shakti Exercise

It should be obvious here that China will monitor any exercise or activity India is doing, as in a similar way, India checks the activities of China. Even Chinese state sponsored media posted in Mandarin, “The report translated from Mandarin, stated – “We cannot but affirm India’s progress in these years’ progress. In 2008, the Indian military had announced that the operational availability rate of its domestic Su-30MKI was only 50 per cent, and that after 10 years, it actually reached 90 per cent of the time it could be dispatched…This shows that the Indian military has strengthened its emphasis on maintenance work and other logistic tasks”.