Chinese AirForce Has Rapidly Increased Fighter Planes in Tibet


A news report by Times Now has suggested that China has increased the number of sorties tremendously in Tibet near Dokalam.

The usual sorties that Chinese air force have made in Tibet Autonomous region in January is 47, 32 in February, 19 in March and 17 in April which is very low, and there were no tensions back then.

The sorties happened in May is 268, 164 in June and 166 in July 2017. The number of sorties have gone dramatically up when the Dokalam standoff is continuing. The bases of Chinese air force in Tibet area has seen heightened activity. The Chinese fighter plane which is particularly modern, J 11 has raised activity and the sorties have been done to make sure Chinese have some idea of the weather and terrain.

China has five fully operational bases in Tibet currently. The bases of Lhasa-Gongka has gone from 20 to 25 with comparison of what they had before. As per Times Now, there are 12 fighter planes in Kashi, eight in Hoping and 3 in Hotan.

Also, the Chinese Air Force TU-154 aircraft which is primarily used for surveillance of the nearby areas is taking a lot of sorties. Chinese Sukhoi-27UBK and Sukhoi-30MKK fighters are practicing sorties in all the bases. The total sorties go to hit 1000 plus including the flights for surveillance, transport and VIP flights which is an alarming number. It is clear that China has kept all his bases in a very good shape and they are preparing for anything that can happen in future.

Video by Times now.

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