Chinese Army Conducts 3-Day Drill Very Near to Doklam


The Chinese army conducted a 3-day drill at the tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan close to last year confrontation point. But the good thing is, India was informed before hand by China.

The exercise was conducted for in Chumbi valley, a Chinese territory located at the edge of China and Bhutan for 3 days from 6th June till 8th, while the last year it was from 16th June till 28th August.

India closely watched the exercise and concluded that there were about 500 Chinese troops while India has a much bigger and superior defence with over 30,000 troops and a fleet of tanks overlooking the Chumbi valley along eastern Sikkim. The 500 Chinese are said to be permanently based in the area close to Doklam.

In early 2004, Delhi made efforts to secure the de facto boundary using satellite imagery, military exercises and Intel reports.

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Chumbi valley

China sends an official proposal stating the activities for the whole year, the two militaries can carry out to build the confidence between each other. A calendar is usually drawn at the beginning of each year.

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj will also be in Beijing for SCO. N.Sitharaman will discuss this, with the newly appointed Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe, while his tour to Beijing for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting which will take place on April 24.

Recently in June, Indian troops stopped a road construction in Doklam, while the two militaries have been in a 3-month long standoff in the Sikkim region of Sino-India border which is the longest standoff between the two after 1987 in Arunachal Pradesh. India and Bhutan claim Doklan to be a region in Thimpu while the Chinese call it their own territory.