Chinese Army Soldiers Enter Indian Territory in Uttarakhand, Leave After Few Hours


China is continuing to create problems in the North East since few months now. The Dokalam standoff is going on for a month now and still there is no news that when the standoff will be called. Even as NSA’s chief Ajit Doval went to China, the things have not cooled down. The Chinese media continues to attack the Indian ministers and making fun of India on a full spree. However, India is trying its best to solve the matter with diplomacy and has controlled Chinese ambitions of a war with India.

Nathu La Pass

Chinese Soldiers are provoking Indian soldiers time and again. In a recent case which involves the breaking of law, the Chinese army soldiers came inside the Indian territory of Uttarakhand’s Barahoti of Chameli district on 25th July at around 9 am. They came inside 200 metres of the Indian territory. The Chinese soldiers ordered the Indian cattle owners to leave the area and they went back after few hours.

Nathu La

These incidents have been reported before also, one similar incident was reported last year during the similar time. There were almost 200-300 soldiers who violated and came inside India. The ITBP team was patrolling the area and raised the issue to the concerned Chinese authorities and the soldiers backed of.  The area is disputed and is demilitarized zone. The land is used by both Indian and Chinese grazers. India also patrols the area but not in uniform and without weapons.

The ITBP takes care of the land and also patrol in the area and stake claims but they are never in uniform unlike the Chinese soldiers who came in Indian territory and asked the grazers to leave. The standoff continues since over a month and has not reached its diplomatic end.

India is ready to withdraw its troops only when China also withdraws its troops from the region and take a diplomatic route.

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