Chinese Army Tests older DF-4 ICBM Missile designed to strike Indian Targets


As per the reports by Diplomat, Chinese PLA army has tested its older Dong Feng 4 missile(which is an inter continental Ballistic missile), a US government source with knowledge of Chinese nuclear programs told the Diplomat..

The test was carried at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center which is a common satellite and ballistic missile launch site which is located at China’s Shanxi province. The site is also known as Wuzhai Missile and Space Test Centre by the US intelligence community as per Diplomat.

Chinese inter-ballistic missile

The test of the missile is notable because it belongs to oldest inter continental range system with an estimated range of 5500- 7000 kilometers and it is insufficient to strike targets in the United States except Alaska. The missile was deployed in 1970s and it is a liquid propellant two-staged missile. It is not clear that missile was launched from a silo or more usual rollout launch configuration.

It is unclear that why China will test a DF-4 during this time. China has tested many ballistic missiles in past few months but its main focus was on newer intermediate-range ballistic missiles, solid fuel missiles, and long-range ground-launched cruise missiles.

The test also reveals that China still relies on DF- 4 for certain target situations. The Dong Feng 4 is aging and very few are operational, however, their target can be at some striking locations at India.

The newer missiles of China have striking capability of United states and have been made only for US. The only thing recent missile test of Dong Feng 4 signals is, it can strike India.

With Dokalam standoff now entering in the third month, the Chinese soldiers stand just 150 meters of Indian soldiers and none of the sides is withdrawing the troops. We just hope the Chinese don’t escalate anything further because India’s Agni has China well within the reach.

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