Chinese army tried to intrude in Ladakh, Lead to Stonepelting And Scuffle


While independence day was going on and Indian and Chinese soldiers exchanged sweets at Nathu La which is a tradition. While on the other side at the Eastern Ladakh, Chinese soldiers objected to the Indian soldiers standing as a chain in Ladakh.

The scuffle happened at North of Pangong Tso(Lake) in Eastern Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir on tuesday. On the same area, there was a battle in 1962 war and this area is claimed by both India and China.

Pangong Tso Lake- Source

Pangong Tso is a 135 km wide glacial-melt lake, reaches both countries. The lake has boat patrols from both sides and the land patrols are different from these.

The Pangong lake is identified on the map by fingers, which indicates the spikes of mountains. India claims the territory till finger 8 but it is in physical control till finger 4. China tried to intrude from finger 1  and finger 4 last night. ITBP seriously objected the incursion and Chinese had no match against ITBP, they have to return back. But while returning, Chinese soldiers started stone pelting, and they were given pretty equal response and stone pelting was done on both sides.

Pangong Tso on Indian Map

Indian govt. has asked for a report on how stone pelting happened, Indian army has not commented yet and Chinese have denied this like they deny everything almost before.

The India and Chinese standoff continues in Dokalam since two months now. India is trying a diplomatic approach to end the standoff. However, a US expert has said that India is handling the Chinese dragon in a very mature way. He even appreciated of India giving right back at Chinese propaganda and false threats. Also, a US Navy admiral said that US Navy will join Indian Navy in case of any Chinese problem at the Indian Ocean.

With Japanese, Vietnam and USA backing up with India, it will be never easy for China to even think of attacking India. It can be easily said when we were sleeping peacefully at homes, the Indian army soldiers were guarding us on the border.

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