Chinese Diplomat Says Indian Army can Withdraw or be Prepared to Kill


Chinese media is back to their ways of targeting India by words. A few days back, Chinese media wanted to tell the Indian army to look into results of 1962 war and now one of the former diplomats to India has said that either Indian army can withdraw their troops by their choice or be prepared to be captured and killed.

Liu Youfa, a former Chinese consulate general in Mumbai commented on India-China standoff in the Dokalam area. Already, the Chinese govt. already blaming Indian soldiers of trespassing in the area.

Liu said, “According to what I understand international law, when people in uniform get across the border to move into the territory of the other side, they naturally become enemies who will have to face three consequences: First, they can go out voluntarily, or they may be captured or when the border dispute should escalate, they may be killed,” Liu told CGTN, the English channel of national broadcaster CCTV.

China however has made clear many times that they want India to remove their troops from the area which involves Bhutan. However, Bhutan has called for the Indian troops because China is trying to occupy their territory.

Liu was speaking in a program about the standoff and he continued, “it is an invasion and so, there are three possibilities. I think the Chinese side is standing there waiting for the Indian side to make the sensitive choice and pull out of the region.”

According to him, the China has given enough warnings to India and we should remove our troops or take any measures to not involve with China or Bhutan.

“Indian forces have stepped across the border with no warning. We have a saying: You have stepped into my front yard and when I ask you to move, you say you got to give me something to pull out. Is that logical?”, he asked further.

He also said that China and India are two great nations and neither side should take an advantage and push beyond a reasonable limit.

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