Chinese Media Mocks Sikhs And Indians With A Racist Video


Chinese media has violated all lines of journalism ethics and mocked India with a man with turban. Chinese media is trying a lot to provoke India again and again but India doesn’t care of Chinese propoganda. We stand guard against the Chinese soldiers protecting Bhutan.

In a video made by state owned, China Xinhua News, the reporter claims that India has done seven sins. And India has crossed into Chinese territory and also that Bhutan has claimed that they don’t want India in their private matter.

Bhutan, a few days back, spoke in the media that they need the support of India, and they don’t trust China and Chinese media seems that they don’t know anything about what’s going on around the world.

Let’s see who owns this particular Chinese media outlet, bingo, Chinese government.

Imagine, as Indians we are living in a democracy and all our news outlets have freedom of speech. China is still living under repression and cannot speak on their own, all their reporters will be shot, they can’t comment on any politician and cannot speak against them.

The recent video is called 7 Sins of India and shows Chinese version of Dokalam with distorted facts and lies. On top of that, they have audacity to make fun of Sikhs by making some tom dick and harry dressed up pathetically and have tried to look him like a Sikh. Well, they surely don’t know how Italian girls fall for Sikhs in World war II while they were fighting against the Italians. They surely don’t know about the valour and bravery of Sikhs.

It only leaves us with thinking how immature Chinese media is, few times previously they went to extent to give India a countdown, which is well over. They also called Sushma Swaraj a liar when all she did was saying the truth.

We leave you with a video and also a prayer for Chinese, not even God can save them if they get to fight with Sikhs.


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