Chinese Official of OPPO Disrespects Indians, Employees Teach a Lesson


Wherever we are, we should not tolerate any disrespect to our national flag because this freedom which we enjoy is achieved by a lot of sacrifices. One must never take this for granted. From past few days, an unverified letter is trending on Twitter.


The letter talks about a Chinese official which is passing demeaning comments to Indians. The manager called the team money minded and said Indians are beggars and work just for the money. The manager gives them even after the scheduled time. So yeah, we all work extra time. But the limit crossed when the manager said that the Indian culture is not good. He also said that Indians don’t have self respect and dignity, they just work for money. The employees collectively took a decision to take a step and wrote a resignation letter and the complete team of Punjab’s OPPO service letter resigned.

The letter written on 15th July by OPPO Punjab’s service team – source

The employees clearly stated that this behaviour is not professional and they won’t tolerate it. Nothing comes above the love of the country.

As India has become a hot destination for the foreign markets. Many nations and companies are entering India to take the decent advantage of India’s rising economy. Recently, the employees of OPPO, Noida protested a Chinese official who torn Indian flag and threw in the dustbin. OPPO had to shut operations for 6 days. and they fired that Chinese official and gave a statement that said, “Based on the recent incident and after thorough investigation with the concerned authorities, we have found that a worker discarded the Indian Flag from the table during regular external material check. OPPO India regrets this unfortunate incident and reaffirms that this is an individual’s behavior that in no way represents our company’s position. We have ZERO tolerance for such matters and have taken strict action in terminating the individual and continue working very closely with the authorities on the matter.”

However, Arun Sharma, whose name is in the letter told that “no one in his team has signed the letter and they are trying to find the one who has done this and will initiate suitable action.”

OPPO gave a statement to indianexpress which said, “We at OPPO India are aware of the recent report related to our Punjab Service team on July 15 and it had been resolved on July 16. The whole issue was due to the miscommunication between the two parties. The service team was upset over the manager being asked to tender his resignation because of inadequate work performance after several formal warnings for the same. But later, a consensus was reached and the concerned service team is continuing to work with us. OPPO has deep respect for India, its culture and our employees. We will try our best to avoid misunderstandings due to any form of miscommunication in the future.”

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