Chinese & Pakistan Intelligence Agencies Using Women To Trap Indian Army Officers


Indian Intelligence Agency has warned its men to be watchful for women trying to lure them. 

They have sounded an alarm over all the increasing attempts by the Pakistan and Chinese agencies that are trying to trap Indian Army officers using attractive women.

Love is a natural feeling and attraction is universal. And Indian army officers are no exception to love. They have been strictly warned by the officials to stay alarmed. These women try to be friends and then try to win their trust by all means of love.

India Today has reported on its source that Indian agencies have asked the officers of the Indian Army to stay cautioned. They even issued an alert. 

Sources say that Pakistan and Chinese agencies have appointed Urdu and English-speaking girls for this purpose. Looking at this poor move, it seems that winning the war is probably easier with the needs of the body.

Not just this but the internet activity of the officers is also being tracked by the intelligence agencies to keep a clear track of any red sign. Officers using phones of the Chinese origin are especially under their radar. Even Indian Army Officers who are efficiently watching porn sites or are involved in dating sites are being monitored closely.

What is their strategy? 

The Pakistan and Chinese agencies carefully target an officer, take out all the details. An Urdu speaking Pakistani woman or an English speaking Chinese female make the first contact with their target through WhatsApp or Facebook. The woman then lure the officer using Urdu Shayari or fluent Hindi and maybe plan to meet at a coffee shop, start dating etc.

In the very first meeting, the woman entices the officer by offering him maybe a sexual favour. The entire act is later secretly video taped while the woman claims to be a rich, lonely and unsatisfied housewife. The woman then uses the video tape to blackmail the officer and garner all critical information from him about the armed forces.

It is absolutely wrong to say that the Indian Army Officers are being trapped in the name of love and sex because clearly everyone has a sex life but the plan drafted by Pakistan and China is downright low and sad.

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