Chinese Tank Type-96B Broke Down At Tank Biathlon Competition


A new tank that was designed for mountainous terrains emerged in all the news channels pronouncing that it got off on the wrong foot.

The tank was previously being termed as the strongest of all and the new pillar of the Chinese Regime’s tank fleet. Unfortunately, it showcased people all around the world something else.

What is Type-96B? 

Type-96B tank performing in Russia’s Tank Biathlon in the city of Alabino.

Type 96B, which is also known as the ZTZ-96B, is a variant of the Type 96A main battle tank that began its service with the Chinese army in the 90s. The Type 96B, like many other land-based weapons systems or tanks, was developed by the national defence industry’s Norinco company.

While being almost similar to its predecessor, the B model was upgraded with certain key features. Norinco on WeChat said, “The tank has a modernised 125-millimeter cannon, new fire control, and a much more powerful engine with an accompanying transmission gear.”

Photo uploaded to a Chinese military forum showing the Type 96B in transport.

How did it get off on the wrong foot? 

Type-96B tank competing in Russia’s Tank Biathlon in the city of Alabino.

In July, the new tank was set to compete in the Tank Biathlon in Alabino, Russia. The event that is best known for Russia’s International Army games which included contestants from Russia, China, India, and several other countries.

The Type-96B unfortunately just broke down on the Tank biathlon. The Type-96B, after passing through all the obstacles lost track support rollers (item tracks, that are a mobile support for the tanks) and lost its control. Chinese team quickly replaced the vehicle with the spare, but because of this is one penalty was accrued.


Gao Zhuo, a Shanghai-based military analyst, told the state-controlled China Daily newspaper, “The Type-96B is the strongest variant of the Type-96 family and is truly an advanced, third-generation main battle tank.”

After this incident, we seriously doubt! Let’s say; it was a major accident. 

What do you think, will China’s weapons turn useful in a real war?

This event dates back to the year August 15, 2016, i.e. last year when the tank competition happened.

Source: The Epoch Times

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