Chinese Warship Tried to Spy on Indian Navy Warships when it was Leaving Vietnam after Exercise


Indian Navy warships were in Vietnam for the first time to attend Navy exercises held in the South China Sea last week. While leaving the country after the exercise, Indian warships were spotted tailing by the Chinese warships. The Chinese warships tried to spy on India Navy warships. A flotilla on Indian warships consisting the newly inducted stealth anti-submarine corvette INS Kamorta, a tanker, were the naval ships that were tailed by Chinese warships at a safe distance.

Between 21st and 25th May, Indigenous stealth frigate INS Sahyadri, anti-submarine stealth corvette INS Kamorta and a fleet tanker made a port call at Vietnam’s Danang.

Anti-submarine corvette INS Kamorta

As per the Indian Navy spokesperson, “The Indian Navy has had extensive interactions with Vietnam People’s Navy, particularly in the field of training, repairs, maintenance and logistics support aimed at capacity building.” The exercise in which Indian and  Vietnamese Navy took part was held in the last week of May.

On taking no action for the Chinese’s spying, sources told India Today, “We knew we were being tailed, but we were on international waters or global commons, and therefore took evasive measures.”

The incident of China’s snooping traced when the Indian flotilla was on their last leg of deployment. At that time, they noticed the Chinese warship tailing them(Indian warships). New Delhi’s security agencies had already warned Indian Navy and told them to put up its surveillance aircraft in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). The warning had been issued by security forces to keep their eye active on Indian Air Force exercise, Gagan Shakti, that simulated fighting China and Pakistan.

Gagan Shakti 2018

Gagan Shakti, the Indian Air Force exercise lasted for two-week for testing the IAF’s ability besides radar and sonar signatures to fight in the Eastern front from dispersed airbases to avoid threats.

Not only snooping Indian warships, but also China tried to snoop and collect other electronic signatures of the Indian warships. The Navy officer added, “These data collected is used for swifter identification of warships.”

And now, the warships will be going to Guam for attending 22nd edition of ‘Exercise Malabar’ with the United States and Japan from 7 to 16 June.