Chinese Writer Exposes Lies Of China And Received Threats From Local Police


We all know what is China doing, provoking India for a war and then there are many Chinese who are facing issues regarding this over aggression of China which will only lead to destruction. The Dokalam stand off continues since past two months now and Indian army and Chinese army stand just 250 meters apart, prepared and alert for war.

While the Jat regiment and Chinese face each other and wait for any childish things from Chinese, a writer on Quora wrote on China’s aggression and despite of him being Chinese, he hated the move by Chinese communist government.

Someone asked on Quora, “What is going on in the India-China border? Which side is the aggressor?”

Shawn Zhang answered the question and received threats from local Chinese people and police. He wrote,

This answer gives me tremendous pressure. Many Chinese began to dox me. They published a lot of my private information. They also reported this answer to the police. I received indirect warnings from police. Harassment is an act of cowardice. I will continue write for peace and condemn China’s aggression.

Most Chinese don’t even know where Doklam is.

Google Map is blocked in China. There is no other map in China that can show the detailed border line between China, India, and Bhutan.

Media in China never mentioned where Doklam is and where the border line lies. Government never reveals the location. Government only shows a map sketch and tells Chinese that India invaded China.

Although I am a Chinese, I feel I am obligated to tell my fellow Chinese the truth: China entered the territory of Bhutan.


We can compare google map with most popular map service in China Baidu Map. There is no border line in Baidu Map.

Baidu Maps

In Google map satellite image, this area is covered with snow. So I use NASA’s satellite image.

Dokalam by NASA

China has occupied Doklam for years. Bhutan does not have the ability to reclaim the land. China and Bhutan have agreed via written agreements of 1988 and 1998 that both countries will maintain peace and the status quo in the region.

This is standoff point.

Now in recent months, China suddenly broke agreement and wants to build more roads and possibly prepares to occupy more land. So China is clearly the aggressor.

During this standoff, Chinese government withholds the key information and keeps stirring up nationalist sentiment in China. Chinese become angry towards India and clamor for war. This is very dangerous. Provoking war may be at the interest of Chinese Communist government. But war is never the interest of most ordinary Chinese people. This is why I write this answer. I hope Chinese could become more rational, reasonable and willing to seek truth. Only in this way, we can maintain peace with neighbours.

China did the same to Tibet almost five decades before, they entered in Tibet and Dalai Lama faced exile and came to India. They killed millions of Tibetans and did human rights violation to such a big extent.


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