Class XI student who became a Hizbul Mujahideen Jehadi, Killed in Encounter by Indian Army


An 18-year old terrorist, Farhan Wani has been killed by the  security forces during an encounter in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Tuesday. Jammu and Kashmir police confirmed the young militant to be Farhan Wani, who had gone missing last year in June.

In 2017, the teenager, who was a class XI student left home on June 14 for physics tuition, and never returned. Two weeks later, the family who had been waiting for their son was informed by the Police that Farhan had joined the Hizbul Mujahideen.


Farhan’s father, Ghulam Mohammad Wani, 52, who is a school teacher by profession, did not want to give up. Hailing from Khudwani village in Kulgam, Wani decided to write a heartfelt letter to his son and posted it on the teenager’s Facebook wall. The family hoped that he would come back one day shunning the militancy.

“My dear son, since you left us, my body has started to betray me. I am screaming of the pain which you have given and still believe that you will come back home… I don’t want to die but am not left with any choice. I am sorry. You will have a lot to learn but I will not be there to teach you, to scold you, to help you,” he wrote.

Farhan’s parents describe him as a ‘brilliant’ young boy who scored 9.6 CGPA in his class X exams. Despite of Wani’s efforts, Farhan did not respond to his pleads.

 “About your mother, she loves you more than anybody else in this world. She didn’t mind going through the pain of giving you birth because somebody told her you will be there to lift her coffin on her death. Dear son, we request you to come back and start again, and we will help you in every manner, otherwise the path which you have chosen will not lead you to anywhere other than pain, stress and betrayal, and maybe the time will come that you come back and never see us again,” Wani had written in the post.

However, Farhan’s mother, Gowhar didn’t lose hope and used to make Farhan’s favorite Chicken dish every few days, in case he comes back. While speaking to the Indian Express last month, she said, “When he returns, there should be something he likes to eat.”

“They (security forces) have promised that there will be no cases against Farhan,” Wani had told The Indian Express. Farhan, the youngest of his three children was killed about 30 km from his home.

Farhan was the lone militant killed in the encounter while helping the rest three senior commanders escaping the security forces as reported.


Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing a tense situation with militancy targeting civil life. The Police and security forces are leaving no stone unturned to prevent the youngsters from getting brainwashed by militants and are maintaining that anyone willing to leave militancy will be allowed to walk free.

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