Why CoBRA Commandos Are One Of The Most Lethal Commandos


JUNGLE WARRIOR CoBRA – *Commando Battalion For Resolute Action”

Motto – “यश या मृत्यु”

CoBRA is one of a specialised unit of Central Reserve Police, Established in 2008 & proficient in gurralia tactics and jungle operation/warfare.

As the motto described, “यश या मृत्यु” Cobra itself achieved so much Glory in battlefield by annihilating Anti National elements in Red corridor. Since 2009 CoBRA have been conducted approx 16123 operations, In which 289 Naxal/Insurgent have been killed; 2150 apprehended; 775 surrendered; 958 various types of Arms captured; 35126 various type of ammunition captured; 11898 kg of explosive captured; and the list will go on for more items like detonator, bombs, IED, grenade etc.

As Achievements shouting the Bravery of CoBRA. Gallantry medals are applauding the efforts of CoBRA warrior. Till Jan 2018 – 01 Ashok Chakra, 01 Kirti Chakra, 01 Vir Chakra, 12 Shaurya Chakra, 3 Padma Shree, 234 PPMG, 1033 PMG, 4 Vishist Seva Medal, 1 Yudh Seva Medal, 5 Sena Medal, 93 PM’s Police Medal for Life Saving.

CoBRA is ranked among the one of the most experienced, successful and deadliest force in the World. If Anyone wants to read Veer-Gatha of CoBRA/CRPF jawan, then you can read it from here – Veer-Gatha

Since 2009, we have seen so much deduction in maoist activities, and the whole credit is given to Central Reserve Police Force, Government of India. the internal security force of India. For a developing country it is necessary to supress the internal conflict, if the country wants constant growth in economy.

We have examples of Srilanka, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt – there are several more countries who are fighting against with there own citizen(insurgent), due to that there economy is effecting badly. In last, I would say that the whole country is in a big debt of CRPF-CoBRA the covert hero of the country.

Undoubtedly (CRPF-COBRA) best decorated regiment in INDIA.

This answer is written by Pankaj Jwala on Quora.

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