What is the Craziest Military Tactic ever used by Indian Army?


A tactic is an action or strategy which is carefully planned.

A crazy tactic, happens impulsively, it is the need of the hour, and a very few can carry it out.

Sun Tzu’s Art Of War’s Sixth Principle has one of the following implications:

“Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected.”

And this is what exactly CQMH Abdul Hamid did.

Sarvada Shaktishali

When we were told this in a military leadership leacture at NDA, we were dumbstruck. How can a man be so courageous? Not being afraid of death is one thing but acting like a superhuman in the same situation is exhilarating.

During the 1965 operation, Hamid’s battalion, the 4th Grenadiers occupied a vital area near Chima village on the road to Punjab’s Khem Karan sector, they were given the job of holding the enemy near the village of Asal Uttar.

Due to absence of anti-tank detachment commanders, he was told to take over an antitank detachment.

The enemy subsequently advanced with a regiment of Patton tanks. So intense was the attack that a shell littered every yard of ground occupied by the Indian battalion. Hamid was in command of a recoilless gun detachment. He moved out to a flank with his gun mounted on a jeep.

Jeep Used By CQMH Abdul Hamid, PVC

The moment the tanks came within shooting distance, Hamid fired and watched the trajectory of the shell as it hit its targets. The tank he hit went up in flames in front of his eyes while the remaining two are again abandoned by the enemy soldiers.

By the end of the day, Hamid had destroyed two tanks, while four had been abandoned.

The next morning he was back at his recoilless gun, even as his battalion faced an air attack from Pakistani Sabre jets. By the end of the day, Hamid had shot down two more tanks.

Later, the Indian soldiers came under intense artillery bombardment but didn’t respond. Within an hour, the Pakistanis had penetrated forward Indian positions.

Hamid spotted six Pakistani tanks heading towards his men. He didn’t think twice, hopped on to his jeep which had a gun mounted on it and rushed towards the tanks to flank them.

Intense enemy firing did nothing to deter him.

Using the the tall cotton crop growing in the fields to camouflage his position, Hamid knocked out the leading tank with accurate fire.

Then changing position, he disabled two more. By now the enemy had spotted him and employed machine guns and explosives to bring him down.

As he hit another enemy tank, he was mortally wounded by a high explosive shell.

He alone took down 8 Patton tanks.

Abdul Hamid

Abdul Hamid kept flanking the tanks, the last most position the enemy expected to be attacked from. They were taken by surprise, and even his 106 Recoiless Gun was able to take down tanks.

Now, you would be thinking flaking and surprising the enemy was a crazy tactic.

No, that was not.

The crazy tactic was his audacity, his fearlessness to take on an entire regiment of tanks to save his unit, and to safeguard the position.

This amazing answer was written by Alcatraz Day on Quora.