This Crazy Soviet Pilot Flew a MiG-17 under a Bridge!


In 1965, a Soviet pilot named Valentin Privalov, who flied his MiG 17 jet fighter under a bridge on the Ob river in Western Siberia.

Although the credibility of the photograph has been debated on Reddit and a lot of other platforms to be an edited one. The witnesses have described the event and they claim that this actually happened.

The event goes like this. It was a bright and sunny day on 4th June 1965, when Valentin flew under the communal bridge in Novosibirsk. The people were vacationing and enjoying the sunshine and strolling along the riverbase. Suddenly, everyone saw a silver jet performing the acrobatic and it amazed all. It was a magnificent show of skill and no one ever saw anyone performing a flight with such accuracy and comfort.


Vietnamese Mig 17- MiG 17 was built by the Soviets in 1955 Source

It was then reported that Privalov had no orders to do this and he did this for his own glory and to show his flying skills. Although he was applauded by the crowd, his seniors were not in any mind to entertain this nuisance. He got a suspension.

This stunt almost cost him his career in the Soviet Air Force. He was threatened that he will be soon facing a disciplinary action. But, he was fortunate that Marshall Rodion Malinovsky, saw the stunt as an advertisement of the Air Force. The people were surprised and soon Privalov became very famous in USSR and is story turned into a legend.

Privalov was sent to the elite Moscow Squadron stationed at the Kubinka military airfield. He trained with the Swifts and the Russian Knights. However, the photograph spread on the internet recently. The people have been caught debating on the origin of the picture but it seems that the event actually happened and it’s real.

There were reports in the American press that confirmed Privalov’s stunt. He was flying at 700 miles per hour and the communal bridge is 120 meters wide and 30 meters high.

Some people believe that the picture was only to illustrate the event and no one can click the picture as the event happened without any warning or signs. The article in the press was published on 27th August, 1965.

The report said that the stunt flier flew under bridges. Valentin lived a lavish life, according to War history online¬†and had a successful career in the Soviet Air Force. He ended up a deputy head of Russia’s civil aviation air traffic control in Moscow. If you like the story, you can feel free to subscribe us on our Youtube channel. Just hit the subscribe button below.

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