With D3000, An Unmanned Robotic warship Naval Asset For China

Even though the model seems exaggerated, Chinese authorities have acknowledged the development of the USV. Pic credit: PopularScience/78

China is busy, busy setting benchmarks in military technology and racing others to finish. China is now confident than ever to go out of their comfort zone and experimenting with new and innovative designs.

During the 2017 International Ocean Science and Technology (OST) Exhibition in Qingdao China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) revealed their plans to develop an autonomous multirole surface vessel. It would be catering to the Chinese’s growing interest in blue water operations.

Even though the design is exaggerated Chinese authorities have acknowledged the development of the craft, PicCredits: PopularScience/78

Named D3000, it is a 30m long stealthy USV(Unmanned Surface Vessel) with a trimaran hull. It can be operated for extended periods of 90 days with a range of 530naut. miles.  Currently under development by China Aerospace Times Electronics Corporation (CATEC), and is mainly aimed at export.

As of primary company description, it would feature hybrid-electric propulsion powered by diesel generator sets. For added reliability, gas turbines are expected to replace the above. For added power production, photo-voltaic cells would be employed to charge batteries when on standby.

Makers claim that the USV can meet mission requirements even in sea conditions with 4-9m high waves. The Trimaran hull design gives the craft higher mission payload flexibility and performance. The craft can reach up to speeds of over 40knots. The craft features advanced sensors and pack serious firepower including Anti-Aircraft missiles, launch torpedoes, and mines.