What is the daily life of a Sub-Lieutenant as a Newly Commissioned Officer


As a budding officer, it is full of excitement, adventure, loads of learning (as most of the training is imparted during this period when an officer is S/Lt) with busy schedule from 5 am to 10 pm, all through the week!!

It also depends upon which branch of Indian navy you have joined, as training pattern depends on it.

You will not know how the time passes during the days of S/Lt, with very short time available for Break fast, Lunch and Dinner!!

During our days (1970s), we did not have Mobile Phone, E-Mails, Lap Tops etc, to stay connected with family back home and used o feel home sick!! Now, all that may be things of the past!!

During your tenure on board a Ship or Submarine as S/Lt for training, you may also get opportunity to go abroad, if that ship is slated for cruise (Join the Navy & see the World)!!

I think this much information is sufficient to motivate you to join Indian Navy, an Ocean of Opportunities!!

Cdr Narayan Kulkarni (Retired)