11-year-old Daughter of Martyr Col MN Rai Writes Letter Remembering Her Hero Father


For the love of the country, they gave their everything with a smile. Col MN Rai as we all know the name,  was martyred in a gun battle on 27th January, 2015 with militants in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district. He left his three kids behind, Richa, Alka and Aditya. We all remember the brave Richa saluting his courageous father to pay her last respect to his mortal remains on that fateful day.

Alka paying her last respects to her brave father and hero Col MN Rai. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist

On the 3rd martyrdom day of Col M N Rai, his daughter Richa wrote this for DESH. Keeping in mind her tender age and emotions on this day, we are not editing or correcting the grammar of this write up. This portrays her innocent mind and heart. We love you Alka, Richa, Aditya and we promise to be with you in your ups and downs. We are so proud of you three and your father Col M N Rai. Desh is ever grateful to him and you for the sacrifice.

Col M N Rai with Richa, kind courtesy DESH

“So let’s start with my childhood days which were the best memories of my life with my dad. When he used to teach us swimming in funny ways. I miss all the Sundays with my dad when he used to make Maggi, toast, some bread pieces with soft drinks. He had never refused to our small wishes. If we would hide our wishes from him, he would make out from our faces and make the wishes come true without telling us that he has done that.

I have been always noticing that he has never asked us anything or tell or whenever we met him, he would only ask that what did we wanted. Once on a Friday afternoon when me and my sister came from school, we had lunch and we went for rest.

After some time a call came to mom that Papa was in hospital cause he got a bullet in his head. My mother got scared. She sat near the mandir of the house and started to pray. Her crying caught my elder sister Alka. She went to her to keep her calm.

I was in my bedroom playing with my doll house and then suddenly my Mama came inside the room and started to cry. And then one by one everyone came inside. I was a little puzzled. I started asking everyone about the matter but no one answered me anything. Then suddenly my cousin brother came and took me in his laptop and took me to the neighbour’s house and I never knew why. The next day I went back home and in the drawing room I saw my dad’s dead body in the front. I got really shocked.

Today’s picture: Aditya and Richa saluting their brave and hero Father Col M N Rai, for us they gave their everything

After some months I went to a new school at DPS after shifting in Pratap Chawk at Delhi. Over there I started studying hard to bring good numbers and make friends.”

Kind courtesy of Group Desh on Facebook. Every patriot should join the group.

We salute the immense sacrifice of the family and Colonel M N Rai for the country. Jai Hind.

New Delhi: Senior army officials carry the mortal remains of Col MN Rai during his creamation. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist
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