Defence budget hike : Insight and significance


Indian Government announced hike in defence budget of the country will fuel country's weapon procurement and the ongoing digitization swing in the armed forces, reports says there is 10% increase in the defence budget of the country.

Earlier the budget was at 2.58 lakh crore rupees and after the inflation now the budget reached approximately at 2.74 lakh crore rupees, the inflation has various significance over future of Indian defence procurement and development strategy. Indian government is spend approximately $323 billion in this fiscal in which they are spending about 12.77 percent of the total budget into defence, the budget has shown 6.2 percent of increase this year less than previous inflation which is approximately 11 percent now India will spend $53.5 billion this year.

The inflation will dramatically increase development and induction capabilities of India, which is quite important while developing potent defence for two frontlines with hostile neighborhoods. MoD allocated about 86,488 crore rupees for 2016-17 as compared to 78,586 crore rupees for this fiscal year for the induction of new battle and logistic machinery for the armed forces included Warships, Aircraft, tanks whatever the forces want, this huge budget will help to equip our men.

Expectation of army:

The new budget will extend the horizon of product overseeing without having any cost issue, the most demanding Mine Protected Armored Vehicles (MPAV) is expected to be in service in more numbers.

The Army can go for sophisticated assault rifles and other infantry based optics and combat machinery, Army is facing serious deficiency of those stuff in their operations.

Currently an order is placed for about 1,50,000 combat helmet worth 150 crore rupees which seems very less infront of the numbers of soldiers deployed in combat areas of various part of the country, helmets and plate carriers can be procured in more numbers.

Expectation of Navy:

The budget will help the navy to grow its fleet with modern warship when aging warships are phasing out from service day by day. Navy is looking forward to procure more submarines which needs investments of adequate amount.

Indian Navy is using P8 Poseidon and seems very happy with its performance, they decided to bring in some more such as aircrafts, which add the phenomenal advantage in submarine hunting as well as maritime patrol.


Air Force perspective

The budgets hike carry extreme importance for the Indian Air Force, this year seems very happening in the business department, many aircrafts is to be inducted like Rafale, Tejas e.t.c


The Air force is taking interest in building border based infrastructure on the frontlines of the country, this move is quite important strategically to gain advantage over any suspicious activity from any side.


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