How to Distinguish between Different Ranks of The Indian Navy?


As compared to other professions in the civilian world, the Indian Navy has a great deal to offer to young men and women. There are nearly limitless opportunities for the ambitious Sailor or Officer, to make a Navy career even more significant. What’s unique about the Navy is that once you’ve embarked on your career, the only way to go from there is up. Joining the Indian Navy is only the first step up the ladder. The Navy offers a professional support system wherein as you spend time in the Navy you will be trained and groomed to rise up the career ladder.

The Navy has a very fair and just system of promotions, wherein your hard work, sincerity, skills, talent are given due recognition and rewarded. The symbolic rank structure of sailors and officers in the Navy is as follows:-

Sailors Rank:-

No Insignia Available (This is the initial rank in Sailor’s category).

Rank of Leading Seaman-

Rank of Petty Officer- 

Chief Petty Officer- 

Master Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class-

Rank of Master Chief Petty Officer 1st Class-

Commissioned Officers:-



Source – NDTV

Rank of Lieutenant Commander-

Source – Twitter

Rank of Commander-

Rank of Captain

Source – NDTV

Rank of Commodore- 

Source- Indian Defence Review

Rank of Rear Admiral-

Rank of Vice Admiral-

Rank of Admiral-

Rank of Admiral of the Fleet-

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