Why Missing Argentinian Submarine Should be Alarming for India


The disappearance of an Argentina submarine and its 44 crew members has left the Argentina in grief. As per the Argentine Navy an explosion was observed at the last known location of the submarine ARA Sab Juan.

ARA San Juan

When Did The Incident Observe :

On November 15, when the submarine ARA San Juan on its journey from Ushuaia to the Mar Del Plata, a short-circuit exploded in the batteries of the submarine. After resolving the issue, submarine stated to reach Mar Del Plata but thereafter nothing was heard from the submarine.

The vice admiral KN Sushi, a veteran submariner said, “Our Shishumar class of submarines is similar to the missing Argentinean sub in design and equipment fit(ARA San Juan is a German-designed Type 1700 submarine built in 1983 in erstwhile West Germany).

Route Map Of ARA San Juan

The small community of India submariners called their concern genuine. As the submariners didn’t leave anything to watch the submarine there.

Admiral also said, “In fact, our Shishumar class submarines have a rescue sphere which allows the entire crew to escape when all efforts have failed and if the submarine continues to descend below operational depth.”

Those onboard ARA San Juan didn’t have the rescue sphere. Though they had mechanism to rescue, “All submarines have emergency indicator buoys which when released help locate the submarine and have a search and rescue beacon. In addition, there is an underwater pinger which can be picked by sonars and sonobuoys. If the submarine is sunk at depths from which escape suits is possible, the crew can abandon the submarine and float on the surface. These submarines also have life rafts which can be released from a depth of 150m.”

In August 2012, Indian Navy’s INS Sindhurakshak suffered an explosion that killed the crew member on board. Though, the submarine didn’t sink. An unnamed submariner said, “Operation centers keep a track of submarine positions. During peacetime, a ‘check’ signal from the sub, sent over VLF transmission is received and anything to be conveyed is relayed. If there is no ‘check’ signal for 24 hours then in the 25th hour, the hunt with all available assets will begin.”

ARA San Juan Docked At Buenos

An officer well aware of the incident said, “The entire logistics of flying out the DSRVs, bringing it and welding on to a ship which would take the material to the sea has been worked out.”

About the recent incident in the water of Argentina, Admiral said, “There are no happy stories of a lost submarine crew having been rescued alive using these techniques.”

On the other hand, the relatives of crew members of ARA San Juan asked the President of Argentina that why he couldn’t invest the state budget into buying newer and safer submarines.