DRDO: India Is Prepared To Conduct A Nuclear Test At A Short Notice


India’s one of the top scientists asserted that India is capable of conducting a nuclear test at short notice. As it’s been 20 years, since the country tested its nuclear capability in Pokhran, now such statement coming from defence research chief is a big achievement for country’s security.

Defence research chief Dr S Christopher in an exclusive interview to NDTV told that “Technology-wise, we are continuously growing; there is no doubt about it. You cannot stagnate in that position. I am honest to say that the growth is so tremendous we are almost on par with many other countries.”

Dr Christopher, DRDO chief

By giving such statement, Dr Christopher demanded to remove any assumption that India’s nuclear technology was stuck at the 1998 level when five bombs were tested successfully.

The assertion by the chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) shows country’s technological readiness. Also, Prime Minister and the Cabinet Committee on Security took the decision of nuclear test.

India has been abiding by a unilateral moratorium since the 1998 nuclear tests. The unilateral moratorium is a nuclear doctrine states that India will not use nuclear weapons on the first strike, but if there comes and adversary strikes with atomic weapons, the country will exercise its right of ‘punishing the second strike’.

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India in 1998 and he had given DRDO headed by APJ Abdul Kalam, a period of 40 days for a nuclear test. And now, DRDO is ready to replicate that feat, said by Dr Christopher. DRDO has advanced technologies that give no requirement of the field test and able to recreate a real-time environment.

Pokhran, India’s nuclear test site

Defence chief stated that “Everything in research and development you cannot test– like, for instance, a mission to the moon. There are a lot of simulations that are possible today to say what exactly will happen.”

1998 was the year when India conducted a test of five nuclear weapons, including a hydrogen bomb. Following India’s nuclear tests, Pakistan too tested five tests at its Chagai nuclear site two weeks later.

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