This development of DRDO’s will save countless Indian Army’s soldiers lives

Indian Army to get new and highly sophisticated boots
Indian Army to get new and highly sophisticated boots

DRDO is developing shoes that can help us track the location of any soldier stuck in snow. Indian Army is suffering many casualties due to the avalanches and brisk movement of snow. In such condition, time is very crucial in saving any soldiers life.

In past few years, Indian Army had lost many bravehearts in such tragic events. On 7th March 2017, 3 soldiers of Indian Army lost their lives in an avalanche in Kashmir. Every year many soldiers of Indian Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Force lost their lives due to avalanches and snowfall.

DRDO, the premier defence research, and development organization of the country had taken note of the situation and casualties. DRDO decided to develop something for the soldiers of Indian Army.  It is planning to develop combat boots with the miniature electronic signal emitter that can be charged from an electric current generated by moving or tapping the feet.

DRDO has already developed devices which can generate current with the pressure of the sole while walking, it can be used to transmit power to any small electronic device. DRDO is making the device which will be compatible to generate electricity with kinetic energy, generated by the movement because in such cold weather most of the time the batteries of the equipment fell dead.

The sensor in the boots will enable the search party to found the missing soldiers to track and locate the missing soldier, the development seems very promising while in the conceptual stage. DRDO that work on such device is started and it will be presented to army for trails very soon.

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