Even After 15 days of disengagement, Chinese Troops insist on Staying At Dokalam


Almost a fortnight ago, it was decided that Chinese and Indian troops will be disengaged from the Dokalam plateau but still Chinese soldiers haven’t left or disengaged.

The PLA personnel have also build bunkers on the ridge line behind the disputed area which has sparked the fear of one more standoff between India and China.

During a border meeting on 8th September, this issue was raised by the Indian division commander with PLA counterpart at the Nathu La pass. The meeting went for four hours and Indian army insisted on implementing the August 28th engagement. The Indian side told the Chinese side that without Chinese soldiers withdrawing the disengagement will not be complete.

The Chinese have told that they will get back after consulting their superiors. The India-China standoff continued for more than two months.

An unspecified number of Indian and Chinese soldiers currently remain at the trijunction, separated by just 150 metres.

The Indian Prime minister only visited the BRICS summit when the disengagement was agreed upon by the China. The Dokalam is very important for protecting India’s chicken neck from the Chinese to the Siliguri corridor.

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