What is the everyday life of a Sniper serving in the Indian Army?


I heard this story from commanding officer of an Ace Sharp Shooter of Indian Army.

He never really a used the equipment used by professional sniper,but in performance, he was no less . He has taken shots at middle-long distance with equipment as meager as that of a Regular Soldier.

One of the Cold Morning Briefs at Indo-Pakistan Border in Kashmir

Commanding officer was briefing the regiment who had taken the responsiblity for protecting the motherland from brutual enemy fires for upcoming months. One Guy, petite, 5’7″ and weighing no more than 55 Kg, seemed to be very distracted. Lets call him Mango. CO noticed him waving his eyes from one direction to another into nothingness. He let it go for the first time, but unable to keep his temper, he blasted back at him.

CO: “Do you have a problem in focusing here?”
Mango: “Sir, I believe there is some movement in those bushes (Pointing to a far off spot)”

After preliminary observation, CO ordered for binoculars. Confirming the movement with low magnification binoculars which were readily available, he asked for the bigger ones.

After careful investigation, he confirmed that a Snake, roughly 8 feet long, was slithering in the bushes approximately 600 meters across.

Knowing and having faced the atrocious dangers of these Reptiles in army camps, CO immediately ordered execution of the big Reptile.

The guy who spotted the snake was called in to take the shot. Mango, having experience of 3 years as a pro shooter, did not wait for the perfect equipment to arrive and picked up his rifle and fixed the best available scope on it (which was, for your information, not even close to a moderately decent scope which we use for snipers).

After a few seconds of thoughtful stare at the reptile, he took the shot!


5 Seconds, and the movement ceased to exist.

He got him in One Shot! How could somebody neutralize a snake 600 meters away, with a normal rifle?

Commander couldn’t believe what he saw. He confirmed that the snake was struck in the Head. He couldn’t keep the words of appreciation for Mango’s Presence of Mind, Instinct, and Skill.

This Answer is written by Vaibhav Manchanda On Quora.