Exercise Vijay Prahar : Armed Force Men Work on Battling in ‘Atomic Weapon Environment’


The point of conducting Vijay Prahar is to guarantee the troops can demolish the foe in the most brief conceivable time even in a fight where nukes have been utilized.

Jaipur: Indian Army is calibrating its battle status notwithstanding an atomic weapon condition amid the continuous Exercise Vijay Prahar. More than 20,000 troops from Army’s South Western Command on Monday working on battling under an atomic situation in the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges near Suratgarh in Rajasthan.

As per Army representative Lieutenant Colonel Manish Ojha, the troops considered all possibilities including a war zone under atomic assault while honing their war penetrates in the singing warmth of Rajasthan. The point of Vijay Prahar is to guarantee the troops can destroy the adversary in the most brief conceivable time even in a fight where nukes have been utilized.

Lt Col Ojha called attention to that given the situation, the Army was set up to go to war and win in an atomic debased war zone. The war recreations began on May 1 and will proceed until May 9 when the best Army administration will be available to witness the activity.

The officers and fighters from the South Western Command are doing Exercise Vijay Prahar alongside the Indian Air Force.

Brigadier Anil Gautam, Brigadier General Staff (Information Warfare), South Western Command, had on May 1 said that the activity was in regards to a circumstance in light of a quick hostile activity. “The point of the activity is to adjust jointmanship with the Indian Air Force,” Brigadier Gautam said. The wargame will help the troops in supporting their penetrative moves crosswise over impediment ridden landscape under an atomic umbrella.

The most recent weapons stages and best in class constrain multipliers are being utilized by the officers to get ready for any consequence. The activity is meant to coordinate wide range of dangers which are wanted to be handled through high rhythm joint air and land task including many air ship, a huge number of tanks and mounted guns pieces upheld by continuous knowledge, observation, surveillance and constant calculated help.

Amid the activity, the developments of South Western Command will hone and operationalise new and imaginative ideas of working in the system driven condition, coordinated work of cutting edge sensors with the weapon stages, work of assault helicopters noticeable all around rangers part and intense hostile of utilization of the Special Forces.

“In the quick wake of Gagan Shakti, this activity was being held for testing and refining jointmanship and boosting the effect of the joint tasks,” the Brigadier included

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