Why Do Fighter Pilots Don’t Train in Siachen? Know here.


Have you ever thought that why Indian Air Force fighter pilots never fly a sortie over Siachen Glacier, there are many reasons for the same. Alcatraz Dey writes on Quora, the possible reasons of why flying won’t be a right thing over Siachen.

Siachen is a 76 kilometer long glacier which is northeast of the Line Of Control.

It comes under the Karakoram range and comprises mainly of snow laden mountains.

The heights range from 11,000 feet to 18,000 feet.

How Siachen looks like from the sky?

First of all, it is pretty close to the LOC, so unless it is absolutely required to carry out a mission, it will not be advisable for the aircraft to venture out in Siachen.

Unless the enemy is foolish enough to wander openly on the pathways, it will be very difficult to even sight a bunker or enemy troops. The aircraft will have to fly really very low to do that.

And a low flying aircraft in that region will be a sitting duck for the enemy and will lose out on thrust at such altitudes due to the lower range of temperatures.

This is a chart that just showcases the difference in temperature at such heights.

Also, the sound disruption caused by the fighter aircrafts can disturb the glacier and cause avalanches as well.

So, it is basically useless flying a fighter aircraft in Siachen.

It will just be burning fuel hovering over it.

So, fighters usually do not fly out there.

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