First Air-To-Air Refuelling of Embraer strengthens Indian Air Force against Chinese


Indian Air Force has achieved one more feat high in the sky. The transport aircraft of Indian Air Force, Embraer while in the air was refueled for the first time. With this, the aircraft can fly for longer duration more than the stated ability of the aircraft.

With the mid-air refueling the Embraer can fly for four hours extra. With just ten minutes of refueling, the plane can fly for four hours. This gives us an edge when Chinese transgression is going on. During the emergency hours, there would be no need of landing the aircraft now.

This air to air refueling is known as “Probe and Drogue” methodology. It was practiced by Indian air force pilots and it requires exceptional flying skills as the receiving aircraft has to accurately insert the receptacle probe into the basket shaped drogue trailing behind the fuel tanker aircraft.

During the process of refueling, both the aircrafts have to follow very accurate flying parameters.

“IAF is one of the few Air Forces in the world to demonstrate this capability and the Embraer AEW&C has also proved its prowess in the category,” an official statement from the Indian Air Force said.

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