The Fitness Secret of Indian Air Force Fighter Pilots

Indian Air Force Fighter Pilots

What does it take to fly a plane at 30,000 ft? How does it feel to be a bird and to keep flying again and again? As the Indian Air Force fighter pilots put, they say it’s hard to put in words but it’s something we learn to do by time. The only one thing which makes people tough is the conditioning of their brain.

The need of the hour- concentration- The role of air force is to act when the ground forces are finding it difficult to move it through. The air force’s job is to soften the hard points, as quoted by Group Captain S Natarajan, a commanding officer at the 7th Squadron.

Also, the Indian Air Force is called in action when it is getting difficult for the ground forces to survive. So, people might think that during the peace, they have less to do which is not the case. But the pilots, logistics or the ground staff, they have to be always in preparedness state, be it in fitness, machines or training.

The schedules are not based on any regimented training and training includes lot more than having a fit body. The response time should be in milliseconds and you might have to survive in adverse situations, in less oxygen altitudes.

The specializations of being fit can be different for different duties you involve with but the basics of being fit remain. Regardless of your specific duty you have to go through regular tests which can go on for twenty days. If you are training to become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force, you have to get trained in handling sorties and workings of the aircraft.

You also have to meet the specific characteristics of speed and response, apart from the regular tests which every one has to go every six months.

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