For The First Time, India And Pakistan To Take Part In Joint Military Exercise


India and Pakistan emerged as different countries in 1947 and since then, the equation between both the countries have been on a serious note. But now India and Pakistan are going to take part in joint military drills for the first time. The first ever mission will be called as part of the Peace Mission exercises. It is going to be held in Russia in September with the association of a number of other partner countries under SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

India’s interest in the Peace Mission 2018 activities was declared by Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman amid her discourse to the fifteenth SCO Defense Ministers Meeting in Beijing. Sitharaman made no immediate reference to Pakistan in her discourse, either with respect to the activities or to the proceeding with help for psychological militants.

The South Asian countries are taking part in the Peace Mission for the first time. India and Pakistan had become full members of the SCO previous year.

The drill will highlight all SCO part states which include Russia and China.

Be that as it may, it should be noticed that this won’t be the first occasion when those Indian and Pakistani fighters will be on a similar field and not pointing their weapons at each other. Contingents from the two armed forces have served one next to the other in various UN peacekeeping mission, most strikingly in Africa.

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman

The Ministry of Defence, Sitharaman said, “India enjoys excellent bilateral defense cooperation with a large number of SCO countries especially with Russia as well as with all of India’s Central Asian partners represented in the SCO… cooperation in the SCO framework will help reinforce India’s efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation with the partners in the region in the field of defense.”

Pakistan too has confirmed the participation of the country in the Peace Mission exercises.

As we know, India and Pakistan don’t share good equation and the drill could present an interesting turn of events between both the countries. The Peace exercise will not only a wide-ranging war game, but also a counter-terrorism exercise which involves every SCO member. The aim of the mission is to improve the coordination and combat readiness of SCO members for joint counter-terrorism operations. Not only India, but Pakistan also accuse each other of terrorism.

The exercise ‘Peace Mission’ is held once in two years and last time, it was in Kyrgyzstan in 2016.