We Found out Who Major Mike Tango Is, By Doing Careful Research on News Published


Recently, some details were given in a novel called “India’s Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes” about surgical strike that happened one year back. Major Mike Tango was told to lead the operation from front. According to Major Mike Tango returning back was most difficult because it meant every men who crossed the LOC had to return back safely. Well, it raised curiosity of people who Major Mike Tango really is.

On researching a bit, we found out who Major Mike Tango is. According to Quint, Major Mike Tango was awarded Kirti Chakra. That’s what quint wrote.

So, just bit of research from here.

Only 1 Major was awarded Kirti Chakra for his operations during Surgical Strike, Major Rohit Suri of 4 Para. Well, if the army doesn’t want to reveal who Major Mike Tango is, they should not have told that he got Kirti Chakra but alas they wanted us to know or they would have thought someone will at least try to connect the dots. So, here is Major Mohit Suri from 4 Para, Kirti Chakra.

President Pranab Mukherjee presenting the ‘Kirti Chakra’ to Maj. Rohit Suri Photo Credit: Vijay Kumar DPR

Also, on a further research, the citation of Maj Rohit Suri matched word to word with citation of Major Mike Tango.

So, Yes, Major Mike Tango is indeed Major Rohit Suri, salutes to the brave and for the effort he put to boost every Indian sitting in the world. I also wrote this on Quora on a question which asked who Major Mike Tango is.

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