How Fraud Shifuji duped Indians into thinking he belongs to Army


Other than portraying himself as an elite army officer, on his social profiles such as Linkedin, he also claimed to have been made the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh. He claims to know 16 dialects and a lot of many other things including some awards that nobody has ever heard about.

He claims himself to be an elite commando trainer, and his attire in most of his social media posts are pure blasphemy.

He came into limelight purely through his videos during the Uri attacks. Apparently, he is one of the rare Indians on whose Aadhaar card his name is preceded by ‘Grandmaster.’

There is no such designation in the Indian army and whatever he claims, according to me, he is just one big lie.

No one from the Indian Armed Forces is permitted to disclose the kind of information he has openly disclosed on social media. If anyone does so, he will immediately be subjected to disciplinary action.

So, that clearly specifies he was never part of the Armed Forces, or neither has he ever trained any of the elite forces he claims to be. I have gone through most of his videos on Youtube after receiving this question a few days ago, and all of them are just emotional upsurges meant to increase his channel views.

If someone was so well qualified and distinguished, he does not need to repeat his credentials again and again. He is just another example of how we allow anyone to come and rule our thought processes. He even went on to star in a Bollywood movie.

What is more atrocious is that he has used the Marcos badge and the ‘Balidaan’badge openly.

Irrespective of whether his claims are true or not, no true soldier, or no true commando will misuse the badges as he has done. Apart from that he also claims to be the next Bhagat Singh, which again is just pure emotional propaganda.

Who is to be blamed?

The media, without any research, has shown him as an Elite commando trainer. Major media houses and newspapers have also supported him in his journey.

For me, he is just a guy who used the forces as a marketing tool. A soldier never behaves and talks like he does.

This answer is written by Alcatraz Dey on Quora.