Future of Indian Navy’ aircraft carrier after INS Virat


When a senior member of a family leave the family, it creates some disturbance but the second most senior and powerful member take the place of the previous one. The same is happening with Indian Navy, 0n 6th March 2017 INS Virat decommissioned. INS Virat who is famous for her name “The Great Old Lady” cause she has served 50 years in sea waters under two different flags is currently the longest served ship in the world.

Indian Navy who is operating aircraft carrier since a long time now has only 1 aircraft carrier in its fleet, INS Vikramaditya which is true power projectors in the Indian Ocean region. Indian Navy is constantly increasing its fleet by developing cutting edge destroyers, frigates, landing crafts, minesweepers, Anti-submarine vessels, submarines and what not. India’s future in naval technologies is looking in safe hands.

The past and the future of Indian Navy

Decommission of an aircraft carrier making space of more such vessels, Indian Navy cannot stop here, they are surrounded by enemies from all direction, though having naval superpower allies like the United States and Russia they still keep developing their Navy to one of the mightiest in the world. Indian Navy has currently 2 aircraft carrier projects on the board, in which one is almost complete and one is on paper but work on it will commence soon.

Future of Indian Aircraft Carrier


INS Vikrant and INS Vishal

INS Vikrant is one of the most ambitious projects for Indian Navy, after operating INS Vikramaditya, which is the mightiest in its class Indian Navy understood that such vessels can project the deterrence, can serve in conflicts or even in the war effectively.

INS Vikrant will:

  • Be powered by four General Electric LM2500+ gas turbines on two shafts, generating over 80 megawatts (110,000 hp) of power.
  • Have 40,000 tons of displacement making it second heaviest and second biggest ship in the Indian Navy.
  • Will carry 30 aircraft in total, the ratio of fixed wing and the rotatory wing isn’t decided yet.
  • Will have the range of about 15,000kms.


INS Vishal will:

  • Be the first supercarrier to be built in India.
  • Have proposed the design of the second carrier-class will be a new design, featuring significant changes from INS Vikrant (IAC-I), including an increase in displacement and proposals to incorporate nuclear propulsion.
  • Have an EMALS CATOBAR system is also under consideration and could be used to launch heavier aircraft like larger fighters, AEW (airborne early-warning) aircraft, and Mid-Air Refueling Tankers.
  • Will have the displacement of around 65,000 tons and will be nuclear powered.
  • Will have 50 aircrafts of different category onboard.
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