Future of Indian Navy’s submarines is nightmare for enemies


Indian Navy who has now discovered the importance of submarine strength is not developing its capabilities underwater very fast. The procurement and development of submarine and anti-submarine weapons were procured and still being procuring in large numbers. Indian submarine strength is increasing at very high rate due to threats presented by China’s hostile activities around Indian ocean region.

Let’s have a look on Indian future submarine fleet, which comprises variety from hunter-killer submarine to the mightiest SSBN’s, you name it Indian Navy has it. Let’s start with conventional once then we will move towards Nuclear Submarine.

Indian Navy is using since conventional diesel-electric submarine since a long time, but the latest induction of Scorpene-class attack submarine as Kalvari Class will boost the navy’s  capabilities of patrolling in peace time and offensive actions in war time by many folds. India has planned 6 Scorpene class submarine, in which the first 4 will not have API technology which is one of them most important part of the submarine of this class. The first 3 will have named as INS Kalveri (S50), INS Khanderi (S51) and INS Vela (S52), the remaining 2 submarine will have API technology.

INS Kalvari

The submarine will have length of 62 meters with displacements of 1670 tons, it can travel at of

20 knots (37 km/h) (submerged) and 12 kn (22 km/h) (surfaced) with weapon load of 6 x 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes for 18 heavyweight torpedoes/Varunastra torpedo or SM.39 Exocet antiship missiles, 30 mines in place of torpedoes.

Exocet AsHM
Black Shark heavyweight torpedo

India invested and waited a lot to develop its nuclear powered, nuclear ballistic missile-armed submarine as a deterrent in nuclear war and completed the nuclear triad of Indian is now completed, the true potential of a nuclear submarine was discovered by India after 1971 war, when a single Russian nuclear submarine threatened the whole U.S. 7th fleet.

India successfully developed Arihant class submarine under the name of the project name of ATV (Advance Technology Vessel). Arihant which means “Enemy killers”.

Arihant Class Submarine

Arihant class serve some really impressive specification on the table, Arihant class displace 6000 tons while on the surface, the boat is humongous 112 meters long, with an impressive speed of 44km/hr underwater and 22-28 km/hr while on the surface. The range is unlimited due to nuclear reactor but you have to anchor for food supply and weapons which are quite interesting, 12 K-15 SLBM with the range of 1900kms, 4 K-4 SLBM with the range of 3500kms, 6 530mm torpedoes and 30 tubes for mines, cruise missiles or more torpedoes.

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